Sleep Tea Could Help You to Have a Better Bedtime


Sleep Tea Could Help You to Have a Better Bedtime


If you have trouble falling asleep at night, then the best solution to solve that problem could be a hot cup of tea.


About 30% of people deal with a chronic inability to fall asleep at night. Insomnia can also make it challenging to remain sleeping through the night or receive the restorative rest that the body requires.


A centuries-old remedy for insomnia still works today at an affordable price. Any sleep tea that contains chamomile and other herbs can help you get a good night of rest like you haven’t had in some time.


Have You Tried a Detox Tea Recently?


One of the reasons why insomnia can become a problem involves a buildup of toxins in the body. If you consume items that your systems don’t need, then it works to get rid of them. When that isn’t possible for any reason, then those substances remain – and they interfere with your body processes.


Drinking one cup of detox tea each day can help to correct that issue.


When you have gone through the detoxification process and still struggle to fall asleep or stay that way, then sleep tea could be a helpful solution.


Teas that contain chamomile are often regarded as a sleep inducer or a mild tranquilizer. This outcome is possible because the leaves contain an antioxidant called apigenin. It binds to the receptors in your brain that reduce feelings of anxiety while encouraging your body to fall asleep.


Additional ingredients help to magnify this effect, including licorice, ginger root, and holy basil.


When Should I Drink a Sleep Tea?


If you want to try a sleep tea to counter your issues with insomnia, then the best time to drink it is about 30 minutes before you plan to be asleep.


You’ll want to steep the tea for at least three minutes to take advantage of its unique effects. Don’t let it stay in the hot water for more than ten minutes. Then you can add lemon, honey, or other options that you prefer – but don’t add sugar cubes to it.


Then you can enjoy the richness of the tea as you take some time to relax before going to bed.


If you take a blood-thinning medication, then you’ll want to speak with your doctor about using a product that contains chamomile first.


You can also drink sleep tea for other reasons beyond better rest. Chamomile can improve your wellness in a variety of ways with its anti-inflammatory properties. It may be helpful for allergies, muscle spasms, or an upset stomach.


The first step to a better night of rest is to review your daily habits. It may be helpful to use a detox tea to begin the process of balancing your body’s systems.


If you still need help with insomnia, then sleep tea is a natural remedy with hundreds of years of support behind it. Grab some today to keep at home so that you can get the rest that your body requires!