When to Drink Detox Tea


Detox tea is a beverage that can help your body begin to remove the toxins that develop when consuming items that aren’t necessary for proper functioning. Each one offers a variety of ingredients to meet different tastes and preferences to encourage sustainable energy throughout the day.


The benefits of drinking detox tea are many, but when should you include this beverage in your daily routine?


You Should Consume Detox Tea at Least Once Per Day


Your daily routine dictates when you should have your detox tea. Most people prefer to have it in the morning because of its ability to control bloat levels. If you work an alternative shift, then the beginning of your day is still the best time to have your favorite variety.


The goal is to consume the detox tea right away after making it. When you allow this beverage to sit for some time, then it can lose the vitamins and nutrients that support your overall health and wellness.


If that means it is easier for you to have your detox tea at lunch, during a break at work, or when you get home later in the day, then go for it.


Some people enjoy 2-3 cups of their favorite tea each day as a way to support their wellness. If you haven’t gone through a detox process in the last 30 days, then having one cup in the morning or at your preferred time will create results.


Do You Take Daily Medications?


If you have medicine that your doctor wants you to take each day, then you should avoid mixing them with your favorite detox tea. The tannins found in the beverage can reduce the absorption rate of what you take.


That means you might not get enough of what you need. If you’ve never had a detox tea before and you regularly take allergy meds, painkillers, or prescriptions, then having a conversation with your doctor will be helpful.


Then you will want to ensure that your detox tea isn’t scalding hot when you consume it. When fluids are too warm, then the beverage can irritate your stomach, mouth, and esophagus.


How to Brew a Perfect Cup of Detox Tea


Although you can heat the water for detox tea in the microwave, the best method is to use a kettle to bring it to the correct temperature. Pour the liquid over the tea leaves to let it steep for several minutes. Then you can allow it to cool until it reaches a point that feels comfortable to you.


You can reduce the temperature of your detox tea quickly by transferring it to a different cup after steeping. This process might create more dishes to clean, but it will not reduce the nutrient profile of the beverage.


If you are ready to enjoy better sleep, have more morning energy, and see skin improvements, then consider adding a cup of detox tea to your daily routine. It won’t take long to start seeing the benefits – whenever you decide to enjoy it!