Seven Potential Benefits of Our Energy Tea

The search for holistic and natural solutions to many of the problems that we face every day will bring plenty of potential options to our doorstep. There’s no shortage of options available to the modern consumer when it comes to addressing problems associated with mood, weight loss, sleep problems, and many more. The list of potential solutions is as long as the list of issues they are promised to address.

One of the most commonly cited problems is the need for a mood boost or higher overall energy levels. More and more Americans are reporting every year that they are experiencing feelings of chronic fatigue or having trouble focusing. Some of this may be attributable to problems associated with sleeping or with heightened levels of cortisol and associated feelings of stress.

There are many ways to address problems with sleep and stress that affect a person’s overall level of functioning, energy, and mood. Some people turn to coffee or energy drinks to help them solve problems of chronic fatigue or to help themselves wake up in the morning after a long night wherein they had trouble sleeping.

Caffeine’s effect as a stimulant on the body is well documented, and there are a number of health benefits that are reputed to come along with moderate coffee consumption as well. But for those who don’t like the jittery feeling that caffeine gives them or have issues managing high blood pressure, coffee and energy drinks are not a solution, at least in the long term. They need alternative, holistic solutions for fatigue.

If you’re looking for another natural alternative to a cup of coffee or energy drinks that may be able to offer you a number of potential benefits over an energy boost, then you’ve come to the right place. Our energy tea is not only blended with select – and delicious – ingredients to help it confer the potential benefit of an energy boost. Those same ingredients may be able to offer a number of benefits of their own, and some may surprise you.

Our energy tea is carefully blended with a mix of green tea leaves, rooibos tea, ginseng root, linden blossom, and rose petals and the result is a delightfully tasty cup of tea that may be able to offer a number of potential health benefits. On top of the fact that this blend of tea is specially formulated to help boost your energy levels, it may be able to present some of the following benefits on top of that. Many of the ingredients contained in it have been used since antiquity for their reported effects on mood, overall health, and some of the body’s systems.

  1. Stimulate Your Metabolism

First up on our list of potential benefits behind our energy blend is the fact that some of the ingredients may be involved in stimulating your metabolism. Ginseng in particular has been implicated in boosting metabolic rates.

Some research has even suggested that ginseng can physically boost your metabolism and increase energy output through specific chemical pathways. Ginseng contains compounds, aptly named as ginsenosides, that have been shown to have a twofold effect on energy output and intake. On the one hand, ginsenosides can stimulate energy output by activating a specific kinase pathway, and on the other, they can help prevent excessive energy intake.

Green tea is also implicated in boosting metabolic rate and increasing your energy output, and mostly without the help of caffeine. Although green tea does contain a trace amount of caffeine, green tea extract has been shown in several studies to increase energy output in some cohorts. The caffeine and tannins present in loose leaf green tea can have an overall effect on your metabolic rate to help you feel more energized, but this is only the beginning.

  1. Improve Weight Loss Efforts

Our first benefit on the list was that this blend of tea can help you boost your metabolism and increase energy output. It would follow then that this can potentially help you to improve your weight loss efforts, or at least to help prevent weight gain.

Green tea alone may be able to help you to burn stubborn fat, including in tough areas like around your middle. Some studies suggest that those who regularly partake in green tea can experience less difficulty in burning fat and keeping extra pounds off. In fact, green tea contains compounds known as catechins that slow down the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. This can make it more difficult for the body to take on excess energy from food eaten and can stave off weight gain.

Yet this blend does not only contain green tea, and some of the other ingredients may also help you combat unwanted areas of stubborn body fat. Ginseng, as it has also been involved in studies regarding weight loss, may also help you fight weight gain and improve your weight loss efforts. In conjunction with a healthy and active lifestyle, ginseng, and green tea as a part of this blend may not only help you to feel more energized; they may also help you actively burn fat.

  1. Improve Digestive Health

Next up on our list of potential benefits of our energy tea is the fact that it is formulated to promote healthy digestion, and may help improve your digestive health overall. Specifically, linden blossoms and rose petals have been used historically to treat digestive problems, and as such, we include them in this blend for much more than their delicious flavor.

Linden blossom, for example, is well known for its antispasmodic properties. Therefore some may find it useful for treating common problems like indigestion and upset stomach. In this regard, linden is useful for helping to soothe an upset stomach and to help promote healthy digestion, but linden has been used for hundreds of years for the number of additional benefits it may provide. Depending on the study or the account, linden blossom may be useful for colds, headaches, fevers, respiratory problems, and more. It has even been used historically to relax and soothe people in preparation for sleep. Digestive health and well being are linked to weight loss efforts as well, so improving your overall digestive health may have a net positive impact on your ability to lose weight or prevent weight gain.

  1. Improve Circulation

An improvement in circulation will have a positive effect on each of the systems mentioned while at the same time making you feel more energized. Poor circulation is not only linked to the feelings of pain, stiffness, and malaise that will negatively impact your feelings of alertness. It is linked to a number of other problems as well, and so improving your circulation is one of the keys to well being.

For example, healthy circulation can improve your ability to absorb nutrients and can diminish feelings of malaise. In addition, healthy circulation will positively impact your muscles and tissues.

To this point, green tea is packed with antioxidants, which can facilitate circulatory health. Ginseng has also been implicated in improving the health of the immune system and some studies indicate that those who take ginseng extracts may have improved immune signals. Rooibos tea has also been shown to improve circulatory function. Rooibos contains compounds such as bioflavonoids that promote circulatory health and can help prevent bleeding.

Healthy circulation is also the key to one of the other systems of the body and by far one of the most important to overall wellness: the immune system.

  1. Boost Your Immune System

The ingredients in our tea for higher energy also come together perfectly to promote immune health. Many of them, such as green tea and rooibos, have antioxidants or special compounds that mimic antioxidants that can stave off free radicals. Rooibos particularly is a heavy hitter when it comes to antioxidant profile. In specific, Rooibos contains compounds that function very similarly to antioxidants known as superoxide dismutase; they help prevent free radicals from damaging the body.

Ginseng may also promote the body’s natural ability to stave off the incessant onslaught of microbial agents. Some studies even suggest that those that regularly take ginseng extract not only get sick less frequently but experience less severe symptoms when they do.

A healthy immune system is one of the key components to remaining well and free of sickness. Some of the ingredients that go into our energy blend – and our other blends – are designed to help you capitalize on these benefits by helping to confer overall immune health.

  1. Reduce Stress

Stressors are terrible for all of the different systems of the body. Stress can lead to high blood pressure and slowly deteriorate an individual’s mood and well-being over time. In addition, stress can adversely affect your quality of sleep, which can have a ripple effect on other areas of your life. It is truly important to help manage the effects of stress on your life.

Green tea contains L-theanine, an amino acid that is reputed to help relax the body and mitigate the feelings of stress. Green tea, and even black tea, is reported to diminish cortisol levels, and long term consumption can mitigate feelings of depression.

Though this tea has been blended to stimulate the mind and body for increased energy levels, these stress inhibiting effects may also help you to relax, focus and sleep better; all of which can positively impact your energy levels during the day.

  1. Feel More Energized

Lastly, of course, there is the most obvious potential benefit of all – that our tea for energy can help you improve your focus, mood and overall feel more alert and active without the need for a cup of coffee or an energy drink.

We chose both green tea and rooibos for their properties that can help you feel more energized. The trace amounts of caffeine in green tea, along with some of the compounds in rooibos that may help you improve your concentration, come together for a refreshing cup of tea to drink that will help you feel your best.

It has already been shown how ginseng can help stimulate energy output in cells, and as a result, this can make you feel more awake and stimulated. In conjunction with the green tea, rooibos, and linden blossom, this blend of tea can help you feel awake, aware, and ready to go about your day.

As you can see, our tea for energy presents much more than just a delicious cup of tea, flushed with the calming scent of green tea, the spicy, bold character or rooibos, and the pleasant, soothing notes of roses and ginseng. It may not only help to boost your energy levels to help you tackle fatigue head-on, but on top of that, it can possibly even uplift your spirits, better equip you to deal with stress, and improve your digestive and immune health. As you can see, it really is a wonderful blend that can offer in the way of taste and holistic well being.

We offer this special blend here on our website in the form of loose tea, which you can get in a 14 or 28 day supply and brew as you please, though we also offer it in the form of convenient single-serve cups that couldn’t be easier to use.

Better yet, we offer this blend with the addition of helpful probiotics. Our energy tea with probiotics can offer you some of the benefits listed above along with some others. This blend contains GanedenBC30 probiotics that survive much longer than the cultures in yogurt. In fact, they can survive up to ten times longer and support not only a healthy digestive system but the immune system as well.

If you have any specific questions about this blend or any of our other blends, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] and we would be more than glad to help you out.

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