Hair Care Tea

You should treat your hair like a cashmere sweater. You’re not going to beat it up. You’re not going overheat it in the dryer, you’re not going to scorch it with an iron. You’re not going to use caustic chemicals on it. You should be remembering it is a fiber. Have Great looking Hair with our Herbal Tea Blend.

Think of your hair as a fine cashmere sweater. You wouldn’t beat it up, overheat it in a dryer, scorch it with an iron, or subject it to caustic chemicals. Your hair is a delicate fiber that requires gentle, natural treatments to promote hair growth. Our herbal tea for hair growth is a unique formula blended with herbs such as marigold, sage, thyme, nettle, and chamomile and contains ST6 with 9% amino acids. It’s not only a pleasant, enjoyable cup of tea, but it’s blended with natural hair health in mind.

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