Skin Care Tea – 10 Single Serve Cups


ST6 is rich in essential amino acids that helps you keep the appearance of youthful skin:


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Skin Care Tea

Protect from damaging free radicals Maintain the skin’s delicate water balance

Reduce the appearance of cell exfoliation Inhibit the degradation of connective tissues

Restore a state of physical balance in the skin layers Rejuvenate aging skin cells

Anti-Aging properties Normalize skin conditions stemming from metabolic factors

Provide the necessary energy required by active skin cells

Encourage a balanced diet for an overall healthy appearance

Supply vital nutrients required to slow the aging process

Flower pollen extracts contain Antioxidants to fight free radicals

Increase in libido for both men and women

(Results may vary)

Brewing Tips: Heat water to a boil. Use 1 teabag per cup. Pour prepared water over the teabag and steep for 4-5 minutes.

Superior Antioxidants

Antioxidants, which are measured by the ORAC Value (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) are important in maintaining a healthy body. They do so by helping to eliminate damaging free radicals in the human body. A free radical is an unbalanced molecule that takes an electron from an established stable molecule to satisfy the process needed for tissue repair. In doing this, the free radicals destabilize the once stable molecules, which creates more free radicals in a vicious chain reaction of cellular destruction. A single free radical can cause serious damage to the body’s ability to repair tissues, interrupting the body’s ability to function properly. The free radicals that destroy the vital cells and tissues of the human body develop due to exposure to various environmental toxins such as tobacco, smoke, alcohol, radiation, chemicals, high-fat diets, excessive amounts of sunlight, strenuous exercise, and environmental pollutants. It is believed that an abundant amount of free radicals in the body can cause a significant shortening of an individual’s life span. In addition, free radicals cause oxidation in the blood. Excessive oxidation in the bloodstream may be a leading factor linked to many different health complications, such as arterial disease, inflammatory bowel disease, kidney disease, heart disease, cancer and the acceleration of the aging process. Antioxidants, such as ST6 Flower Pollen Extract aid in the elimination free radicals by lowering the high rate of oxidization of healthy cell molecules needed within the body. Thus, antioxidants contained in ST6 Flower Pollen Extract prevent free radicals in the blood from damaging the good cholesterol molecule strands, which block and ultimately prevent the development of diseases, furthermore helping the immune system’s reaction to fight off previous existing diseases. Antioxidants are found in high amounts in fruits, vegetables, and plant foods such as grains that are high in fiber. They are also found in high amounts within minerals such as: vitamins A, C, and E, beta-carotene, and selenium. An increased daily consumption of foods and supplements such as ST6 Flower Pollen Extracts™ that contain high levels of these vitamins, also brings added health benefits.

ST6 Flower Pollen Extracts

ST6 Flower Pollen Extracts have been shown to have a very high ORAC Value surpassing the levels found in bee pollen and many fruits and vegetables. ST6 Flower Pollen Extracts combine over 39 essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients the body needs to fight off and eliminate toxins and free radicals within the body. ST6 pollen is harvested directly from species specific plants and is processed by proprietary technology, which eliminates potential contamination and impurities unlike bee pollen. Besides containing antioxidants to help fight off free radicals, ST6 Flower Pollen Extracts also benefit overall health by increasing energy, supplying vital nutrients to the body’s cells including: essential amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, and enzymes. The extracts also improve the absorption of vitamins, minerals and trace elements from the food consumed on a daily basis, helping to bio-regulate functions such as: immune system defense, lipid metabolism, blood cholesterol levels and the function of the prostate. ST Flower Extract contains an extract of pollen from a specific variety of species of plants, gathered in the field, and combined in standardized proportions. Being the plant’s male germinative unit, pollen is the bearer of like in the plant kingdom. Pollen has been known as a food for bees and as a valuable dietary supplement for thousands of years. Even the most cautious view suggests we are dealing here with a most versatile and highly interesting product, and possibly one of outstanding significance. Flower Pollen Extract increases a person’s physical and psychological performance, activates the body defense mechanisms and has a tonic effect. The extract stimulates the whole body, adapting it to surrounding circumstances. Body and psyche are thus enabled to react optimally and cope with the situation confronting them. At the same time, there is good evidence that Flower Pollen Extract also possesses therapeutic actions. This particularly applies to the treatment of viral and bacterial infections. In summary, the following properties may be ascribed to Flower Pollen Extract: • Has a tonic effect at all ages • Increases the body’s resistance to infections • Has an anti-inflammatory action • Speeds recovery from influenza, various children’s diseases, prostatitis and non-specific urethritis • Inhibits the effects of streptococcal toxins • Accelerate wound healing and the healing of bony fractures • Diminishes unwanted side effects in rado-therapy and cobalt treatment of cancer patients • Relieves pain and improves mobility in osteoarthritis • Relieves unwanted menopausal symptoms • Improves appetite and reduces tiredness in children • Increases strength, mental performance and concentration in old age • Improves tiredness and loss of appetite in old age • Improves libido even in old age

ST6 Flower Pollen Extract Allergen Free Production Technology

A flower pollen granule has an outer crust which protects the nutrient rich material contained inside the pollen. The allergenic portion on the outer crust contains: • Hair • Fungus • Yeats • Molds Each pollen grain has a micro-hole, that when ruptured, allows for the separation of the allergenic outer crust and the essential internal nutrients. This leaves the nourishing sub-stances found in the internal granule readily available to the body for absorption. ST6 uses a special manufacturing process to rupture the mico-hole through a non-solvent extraction process. The ruptured pollen grains are then centrifuged to separate the nutritional components from the allergens. The flower pollen nutrients are concentrated to exact nutritional specifications. The remaining components are recycled and used for various industrial applications. The antioxidant activity found in foods, minerals, and plants is found by performing an Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity Test, which gives you the ORAC value of a substance. The substances are then given a ‘Score’ to tank how well it can neutralize or destroy free radicals. These charts compare various foods and supplements to ST6 Flower Pollen Extract, based on their values as reported by the US FDA. All values are shown in (umole TE / g).

ORAC Values – Vegetable vs. ST6 Flower Pollen Extract

ORAC Values

ORAC Values – Supplements vs. ST6 Flower Pollen Extract

ORAC Values

ORAC Values – Fruit vs. ST6 Flower Pollen Extract

ORAC Values

Nutritional Content of ST6 Flower Pollen Extract

Protein 15.2 g/100g Moisture 5.67 g/100g Ash 4.02 g/100g Total Dietary Fiber 3.18 g/100g Total Carbohydrates 75 g/100g Calories 362 Cal/100g Calories from Fat < 1 Cal/100g Total Sugar 10.8 g/100g Fructose 2.6 g/100g Galactose 0.2 g/100g Glucose 1.7 g/100g Sucrose < 0.1 g/100g Lactose < 0.1 g/100g Maltose 6.3 g/100g Cholesterol < 1 mg/100g Vitamin A from Carotene Beta Carotene ​

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Organic green tea, ST6 Flower pollen extract


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